Thursday, February 2, 2017

SOB U Loop B Sling

Sheriff of Baghdad Concerned Citizen U Loop Adjustable 2 point Sling

I was sent this sling to test out and provide a review of. It’s the latest iteration of Shrek’s Sheriff of Baghdad "B" Sling. The base of this concept is the adjustable two point sling with built in attachment methods that should work with any rail or stock. This model utilizes the Blue Force Gear “U” loop. The “U” loop can attach to just about anything and is a bit of wizardry. 

The adjustment method of the U loop sling differs from the standard SOB-B sling (which is similar to the VTAC, VCAS, Sierra, Magpul MS1). To use the U loop sling, you attach the sling at front and back. The tail on the adjustment end has a Velcro strap to keep it tied into the body of the sling. To set the sling up, you pull the logo end through the slide lock to the preferred “full extension” length. To tighten it, you pull the tailpiece from between secured end and the slide lock. Pressure pulling away from the slide lock will take up the tension tightening the sling and therefore the gun into your body. 

Based on the previous experience where I had a sling start to come loose based on a old design, I made a point of doing lots of walking around with the rifle sling – not into Chipotle of course. While the rifle was slung, the slider mechanism didn’t come loose unless I made it.

For more info such as pricing and how to order check the sole source distributor of this model:

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