Wednesday, February 8, 2017

VERTX EDC Gamut Plus

Vertx EDC Gamut Plus

I’ve been using this pack for over approximately 1 ¾ of a year so far. It’s been my mostly daily carry/use pack, also hauling lots of stuff on family hikes, trips to the range, travel, etc. 

I first was interested in this pack when I was hunting down an easy way to “EDC” a rifle “Every Day Carbine” to quote Victory First. I was looking for a backpack that was big enough to hold a rifle, yet look like a normal backpack while still having space for items in addition to the rifle. The backpack had to look like it belonged in normal daily carry. The backpack needed enough space to have the rifle, as well as  items that would make the pack blend in – snacks, water, books, coats, etc. The backpack couldn’t be the size of a 45 liter backpacking pack either. The Vertx Gamut looked like it might fit that role, but the OAL of the Gamut precluded a 10.5” SBR with LAW folder from fitting well, if at all. The Gamut Plus is 24” high, whereas the Gamut is 22” high.

Through Matt Jacques of Victory Group I was fortunate to meet one of the VERTX executives. He was able to provide me with a Gamut Plus to use in my search for a rifle carrying capable pack. I have been using this pack since last summer 2015. 

*Cool photo of the Gamut Plus in use from the VERTX facebook page*

The pack has been used to haul the typical “stuff” around, but allows me to easily carry my SBR around without it being obvious what is in there. The layout of the pack allows me to carry a sizeable amount of equipment as well as the rifle. Seen here is the rifle with a OR dry bag showing the size available.

I use this to haul range gear at times, using the beavertail flap to easily strap in a helmet with NOD mount. I can carry a SBR, PVS-14 and Helmet to make transit for range sessions smooth. For someone working in a low profile role where a rifle and night fighting capability are needed, this is an option – use other clothing, yoga mat, etc to cover up the helmet and nobody is the wiser.

This bag will barley fit in a Overhead bin or under the seat in commercial air traffic. When traveling with kids, a large pack you can stuff things into easily to make the transit through security as fast as possible is worth it. This pack size paid off when I flew to take VCQB last year and needed a place to carry my soft armor and JPC. I was able to carry this as a carry on, and despite the increased weight, it worked.

So far the only wear point has been one corner of the drag handle on the pack has come out of the stitching. The movement out of the stiching is less than half the total attachment, not even halfway. The stitching hasn’t torn more since I noticed it last spring, leading me to believe that by now its staying in place and not a concern.

The pack continues to perform well and should be considered if you need a larger day pack or a pack for carrying a rifle.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

SOB U Loop B Sling

Sheriff of Baghdad Concerned Citizen U Loop Adjustable 2 point Sling

I was sent this sling to test out and provide a review of. It’s the latest iteration of Shrek’s Sheriff of Baghdad "B" Sling. The base of this concept is the adjustable two point sling with built in attachment methods that should work with any rail or stock. This model utilizes the Blue Force Gear “U” loop. The “U” loop can attach to just about anything and is a bit of wizardry. 

The adjustment method of the U loop sling differs from the standard SOB-B sling (which is similar to the VTAC, VCAS, Sierra, Magpul MS1). To use the U loop sling, you attach the sling at front and back. The tail on the adjustment end has a Velcro strap to keep it tied into the body of the sling. To set the sling up, you pull the logo end through the slide lock to the preferred “full extension” length. To tighten it, you pull the tailpiece from between secured end and the slide lock. Pressure pulling away from the slide lock will take up the tension tightening the sling and therefore the gun into your body. 

Based on the previous experience where I had a sling start to come loose based on a old design, I made a point of doing lots of walking around with the rifle sling – not into Chipotle of course. While the rifle was slung, the slider mechanism didn’t come loose unless I made it.

For more info such as pricing and how to order check the sole source distributor of this model:

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