Saturday, November 21, 2015

RCS Morrigan Holster

Raven Concealment “Morrigan” holster – Glock 19 model

The newest product release from Raven Concealment Systems is the “Morrigan” holster. It is named based on the Celtic goddess of battle, which keeps in line with RCS’s history of obscure relevant terms for their products. 

What does the Morrigan do? It is designed as a lower cost, high quality strong side carry IWB holster. While doing this, its goal is:
  • ·      Reduced weight, bulk and complexity
  • ·      Increased comfort
  • ·      Maintains modularity – as seen with the Eidolon and Phantom family
  • ·      Fully Ambidextrous

The Morrigan will be available initially for: Glock 17, 19, 42 and 43, S&W M&P full size and Shield 9mm. Near future models are the H&K VP9, Sig P229R and a Glock 17 and 19 model with Surefire XC1 compatibility. MSRP of $49.99

I received this in a pre-release testing opportunity. As such I have used it for a very brief period of time and haven’t been able to wear it daily for most of a year like I have with the Eidolon, VG family, etc.

In the limited time I’ve had the Morrigan, I’ve worn it both 3 o’clock (strong side) and AIWB (12:30) with the included dual pull the dot belt loops. It has remained secure and comfortable. I ran a 5K with it on, no issues or discomfort as I’ve found with many holsters during extended runs. I have also used it exclusively for any carry as well as range sessions. It has allowed dry practice of both one and two handed draws and reholstering without anything negative coming up. 

The model I have is for the Glock 19. My 19 has a threaded barrel and the holsters design allows the threading to stick out the front without issue.

The most innovative feature of the Morrigan in my initial experience is the clamshell design with Velcro based adjustable retention.  This allows you as the user to adjust how tight the holster is on your trigger guard. Making it to loose isn’t really possible, as the holster being inside your belt will receive pressure from the belt pulling the holster against your body.

This will be available on Black Friday from RCS and RCS Dealers. I suggest checking out F3 Tactical and OP Tactical for purchase. 


  1. Nice reveiw. I will be ordering mine direct or from the Canadian RCS distributor One Shot Tactical Supply.

  2. I hiked 6.5 miles offtrail with this holster worn AIWB. No issues and adjusted the angle as needed while walking.

  3. I hiked 6.5 miles offtrail with this holster worn AIWB. No issues and adjusted the angle as needed while walking.

    1. As in you adjusted the ride angle by adjusting the straps or by forwards/backwards movement?

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