Saturday, November 21, 2015

RCS Morrigan Holster

Raven Concealment “Morrigan” holster – Glock 19 model

The newest product release from Raven Concealment Systems is the “Morrigan” holster. It is named based on the Celtic goddess of battle, which keeps in line with RCS’s history of obscure relevant terms for their products. 

What does the Morrigan do? It is designed as a lower cost, high quality strong side carry IWB holster. While doing this, its goal is:
  • ·      Reduced weight, bulk and complexity
  • ·      Increased comfort
  • ·      Maintains modularity – as seen with the Eidolon and Phantom family
  • ·      Fully Ambidextrous

The Morrigan will be available initially for: Glock 17, 19, 42 and 43, S&W M&P full size and Shield 9mm. Near future models are the H&K VP9, Sig P229R and a Glock 17 and 19 model with Surefire XC1 compatibility. MSRP of $49.99

I received this in a pre-release testing opportunity. As such I have used it for a very brief period of time and haven’t been able to wear it daily for most of a year like I have with the Eidolon, VG family, etc.

In the limited time I’ve had the Morrigan, I’ve worn it both 3 o’clock (strong side) and AIWB (12:30) with the included dual pull the dot belt loops. It has remained secure and comfortable. I ran a 5K with it on, no issues or discomfort as I’ve found with many holsters during extended runs. I have also used it exclusively for any carry as well as range sessions. It has allowed dry practice of both one and two handed draws and reholstering without anything negative coming up. 

The model I have is for the Glock 19. My 19 has a threaded barrel and the holsters design allows the threading to stick out the front without issue.

The most innovative feature of the Morrigan in my initial experience is the clamshell design with Velcro based adjustable retention.  This allows you as the user to adjust how tight the holster is on your trigger guard. Making it to loose isn’t really possible, as the holster being inside your belt will receive pressure from the belt pulling the holster against your body.

This will be available on Black Friday from RCS and RCS Dealers. I suggest checking out F3 Tactical and OP Tactical for purchase. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

LMS Intermediate Pistol AAR

I  had the chance to attend the LMS Intermediate Pistol Clinic this year.  Lead Instructor was my friend "Chappy" of LMS Defense, and now CEO of Raven Concealment. Here is a quick and dirty AAR from it.

LMS Intermediate Pistol Clinic

Ammo suggested was 300-500 rounds. I used all 500 I brought. Chappy uses the default shots fired each time of a NSR or Non Standard Response. AKA – anything from 3-7 rounds (or more) each time you shoot unless specified. This avoids you getting into a “controlled pair” or “double tap” mentality.

My Glock 22 was Biohazard rated as I don’t have a Grip Force Adapter on it and it was well lubed with my blood each time I shot. Man up and embrace the pain of your blood lubing the gun. No gun issues experience by me, even with the “Glock in .40 with a Weapon Mounted Light” combo that the Internet says won’t work. (Glock 22 Gen 3 with less than 1K on RSA and a X-300 U-boat.

Teaching. Listen to the Ballistic Radio episode with Chappy from season 2. Chappy teaches Modules that are based on the classes’ capability, and what is needed based on individuals needs. They are all designed to help you self train by showing drills to work on to allow you to fix stuff on your own.

The instructor student ratio in the morning was 1 to 4/5, and in the afternoon, 1 to 3. This ensured everyone got attention to his or her issues. It also ensured that eyes were around one people to make sure safety was not a concern.

I drug along a friend to this class, and was happy to do so. Got the opportunity to talk to someone during the long drive, and someone to bounce stuff off of after class and during the drive home to ensure lessons learned were retained. Notes being taken immediately after/during class is something I learned to do quickly as it helps me have info for later.

Admin Briefing:
Chappy did a very quick and to the point briefing including a clear and succinct medical brief. It was a pleasant relief to see that as I’ve seen a few guys push for long (30 minutes) safety/medical briefings that I feel undercut the issue at hand. At least 2 students and 2 instructors had CAT TQ’s on belts in addition to medical kit standing by on the line. Chappy was constantly hitting on the hydrate, hydrate, hydrate mantra. Yes, you piss a lot, but it beats being dehydrated and the promised rehydration procedure.

Knowing that I’m responsibly for a part of my Departments range training, Chappy took the time to add some info to ensure I got what I needed on how to teach to my guys when I get back to work. This was a major bonus to me.
Lessons Learned:
Work grip/stance to fix an issue.
Not a multipart process, as it sets up for a choppy presentation. One smooth push from holster to target with finger touching trigger.
Reset under recoil is how speed happens. I dry practice a lot, but doing it will not help your reset under recoil and cause you to struggle with it.
Distance and accuracy
Sight focus. Use tip of FSP and know your POI/POA at distances. Personally I must spend more time shooting outside of 15 yards, ideally more 20 and 25-yard work.
            Draw doesn’t change, rules of muzzling don’t change
            Into/From Kneeling to Prone and vice versa.
Reloads suck, assess that the target is yours. I shot my buddies target when I did a reload from the prone on a slanted pile of dirt that caused me to get a natural alignment on his target. Fortunately for him, they were both hits.
Rhythm Shooting.
Chappy had explained this in class, and it was the first time I “got it” and really took it too home.
Make this the goal in all your shooting. Helps keep accuracy and speed there.
Progressive Malfunction Clearance
Worth taking the class to see how/why he teaches this. Instead of several separate procedures that may or may not work at night, you clear them all the same speedy way. It will require testing part of it with your gun, but it does worth with Glocks without issues. 
Shooting while moving.
Same as normal shooting. Accept your wobble, speed comes with practice. It was magic to see hits in the A-zone stay there even as you speed up. I didn’t hit the C-zone until I was sprinting down range. Follow the instructions and you’ll hit.

In summary, go shoot. A lot. At distance. Or else you earn a accurate depiction of your shooting skills.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Paris 11/13/2015

Are you ready?

Many of us in LE have been saying it to anyone that will listen that IT is going to happen. We are trying to get our co-workers and bosses to listen, usually just banging our heads against the wall. The bad guys don't care though.

If you are LE, DARC's LECTC must be part of your training plan.

Carry a gun 24/7, not a sub-compact but a gun. If you have a badge, carry the biggest darn pistol you can - duty gun - and be ready to fight with it. Remember, it's only a secondary weapon until its your primary. If you can't carry a gun into the place, then don't go. Vote with your wallet. Gun free zones are nothing but shooting gallery's.

Flashlight and the knowledge of how to use your handheld light with your pistol. More than just the shooting portion, but the bad situation avoidance that situational awareness gives you. I use a flashlight to look at stuff all the time.

Med kit. TQ at minimum. Knowledge of how to improvise the rest if need be.

A rifle can be close by at all times, if you want it to.

It's a lifestyle. Be a warrior.

This is some commentary a few guys in the industry had for the picture of the shooting gallery that the gun free concert hall was in gun free Paris:

This picture was shared with commentary from some Facebook friends in the Tac Gear industry.

"Look at this picture.

You will not love this away. You will not pray this away. You will not hope this away.

These people, by their culture, want to kill you for being you. They want to enslave your wife. They want to murder your children.

I get it; not all Muslims are terrorists. The vast majority of Muslims are good, decent people, but it is WAY past time we truly acknowledge and own the fact that the radical fringe of Islam wants to murder and/or enslave every human being that is not them. That includes you.

There is someone out there right now that is training to kill you. There is someone out there right now that is relishing in the thought of your brutal murder. Are you prepared for that day when the reaper comes? Will you play dead on the floor as many did hoping that it is not yet your time or will you fight with everything you have against what amounts to pure evil?

Are you ready?" - SH


I wasn't going to circulate this image for many reasons, but XXXXX wrote a very relevant comment and if he and I were bar-side, this would be my take:

I'm not a prepper, I'm not a truther. I take my life experience and try and maintain a realistic view of what can and can't happen. I am trained to think and plan worst case (not always act)

This just happened in a modern developed country. The killing fields don't just happen third world anymore.

For those who have never experienced a mass casualty situation. Drink this image in.

Imagine yourself enjoying an evening to remember with your loved one in let's say a downtown area. You are focused on the now, selfies galore. The thought of something bad happening doesn't even enter your mind.

Then... It happens. All hell breaks loose. An explosion, screams, gunfire, chaos, confusion.

Men enter, indiscriminately chopping down whoever is in their path. Their eyes are empty, but say everything. Pure unfiltered hatred seeded at their very core.

For those that don't know how this works, it's horrific beyond words.

You are no longer priority one. You will become a number.

Time will tic as first responders and law enforcement try to fight their way in. Fighting in a way they are not used to. They will do what they can with what they have against men who have been training for this very moment. Responders will diligently try to advance and put this threat down on your behalf, trying not to die in the process.

They may not have the armor, the tactics, or the armament, as that was last years argument. But they will advance.

Meanwhile you or your loved ones are scared, confused, possibly bleeding out as your short life flashes through your head.

Finally the threats are down, killed and wounded unknown. All you can make out are responders shouting, dragging people, trauma bags coming in, severely wounded coming out.

They are forced to play God, making split second assessments on who can be saved with limited supply.

You need care and your best friend, spouse or children need care as you do what you can to stop their bleeding.

You are your priority, but no one else's in the time you need it most.

It's the greatest good for the greatest number.

Be vigilant, be prepared, realize it IS at the doorstep." - MB