Friday, July 17, 2015

Paraclete Double M4 Mag Pouch

Double M4 Mag Pouch
Paraclete Double M4
This one is of older manufacture when MSA owned Paraclete, but not sure the date. Here is the link to the new one:

·      Overall size/footprint
Takes 2 MOLLE rows to attach, but the way its sewn doesn’t make placing 2-3 of these on the front of a plate carrier very friendly as they are wider than the 2 MOLLE attachment straps.

·      Materials
Believe its 1000D Cordura nylon

·      Ease of opening – speed of reloads
Easy to open and get a grip on the magazines for speed reloads.
In the testing I did, the M3 PMAG’s over insertion catch was catching on the internal retention strap. This caused me to average a 8 second reload. If I’m using this pouch, M2 or USGI magazines are it. Because of this, I’ve been switching to a different double mag pouch on my kit.

·      Ability to retain 1 instead of 2 mags
Yes, this will retain 1 or 2 M4 magazines at a time. The internal design of the pouch has a elastic strap. You put one mag in and one mag out of the strap. If only one mag, then it goes in the strap.

·      Magazine Compatibility
o   USGI vs PMAG M2 vs M3
The USGI metal magazine was what this was designed for. They come out smoothly and do not catch on the internal retention strap. The Magpul MOE aka M2 PMAG’s didn’t catch on the internal straps either. The M3 PMAG’s over insertion stop would catch on the internal retention strap.

o   Surefire 60
Would fit, but barely had any Velcro on Velcro interface to secure the magazine. Not secure enough for duty use.

o   PMAG 40
Would not close the flap at all. Could stay temporarily secure due to the internal mag retention strap, but not that I would feel comfortable with it for duty use.

·      Versatility - what other items does it hold
o   Tazer X-26 - Yes

o   Radio – with all the varying models of radios and options in use such as belt clips and microphones, what may work for me, won’t work all the time. A Motorola XTS 1500/2500 sized radio fit, although best without a belt clip.
o   Water – a 16oz plastic bottle might fit depending on the bottle. It was not a consistent answer. Anything larger wouldn’t fit at all.
o   Beverages
§  Red Bull 8.4oz – Yes

§  Kill Cliff 12oz - Yes

o   Flash bangs – Large Anti Roll Model - Yes

o   Glock 17/22 with X300U and DG switch – Yes

o   Dark Angel Medical DARK insert – Yes

o   Oakley Glasses hard case – No

I will continue this with another option I tried in the next post. I have moved the Paraclete off off my duty rigs due to inability to speedily reload with M3 PMAG's. 

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