Monday, September 15, 2014

Dark Angel Medical DARK and Pocket DARK

Dark Angel Medical D.A.R.K. and Pocket D.A.R.K.

I met Kerry Davis aka “Pocket Doc” at SHOT Show in 2012. Got a brief chance to discuss his new to the market product with him and was intrigued by the concept. Taking the standard IFAK contents but vacuum sealing the contents into one item making it more compact while maintaining the same contents your familiar with and minimal costs associated with packaging.

I picked up a Pocket D.A.R.K. in Fall of 2012 upon its release. The Pocket model really filled a niche I had at the time. For work I was carrying (and still do carry) a full size TQ in a belt pouch centerline and a “Cinch Tight” H bandage in my cargo pocket. This gave me the ability to handle some emergency medical needs by me or my buddy following TCCC guidelines, but not very many.

Switching to the Pocket D.A.R.K. in stead of the Cinch Tight bandage, gave me at the time the following:

·      4” Israeli/Emergency Bandage
·      Combat Gauze LE
·      SWAT-T Tourniquet
·      Pair of Gloves

This was packed in a small vacuum sealed package of the above items in their packaging that was then secured in a slick nylon pouch made in the USA by First Spear. Having the pouch “slick” in construction was strange given my familiarity with smoother “quiet” nylon found on most tactical gear. The pouches slick material makes it easier to remove from my pocket as it doesn’t catch.

I carried the Pocket DARK with the first released version of the Pocket DARK for over 1 year on duty as well as off duty. This would have me pulling the pouch out of my pocket 2-4 times a day all week. In Jan 2014, I completed a medical preventative maintenance check and pulled the vacuum sealed portion out of the nylon pouch. I observed that after over 1 year it had finally worn through the vacuum sealing and damaged the outer seal. This was immediately resolved by emailing Kerry Davis who swapped out the old insert for a brand new insert. This has been used off duty since then as I was doing a T&E on another manufactures pocket kit during the 2014 time frame.

February of this year I picked up a full sized DARK for use on a LW Plate Carrier. Kerry had updated the kit with the addition of a Mylar Space Blanket in accordance with the latest TCCC updates.

When I first saw the DARK, it was a custom made by pouch by Eggroll of Extreme Gear Labs in Colorado (formerly free USA). This has been updated twice since then with both new generations of the pouch being made by First Spear for Dark Angel in the USA. Just as with any good company, Dark Angel was constantly innovating and updating their product based on use and feedback. The Gen 3 pouch I received showed all that.

I currently have added to mine a needle for chest decompression, combat sheers as well as a mini roll of duct tape. Last week Dark Angel announced they are now going to offer the chest darts for those qualified to use them.

For placement I like to place my IFAK’s forward of my left arm, final placement sometimes dependent on PALS webbing placement and quantity on said vest. With the DARK on its current vest, a Crye JPC, it stores as shown. It is slightly taller than a double M4 mag pouch in height but approximately the same size otherwise. I have conducted several range sessions in the vest since setup as well as multiple workouts. Never have I noticed the pouch to get in the way.

There are many good options out there for medical gear, if not more than enough at this point. Some companies stand out above others, Dark Angel is one of them.


  1. Did you have this set-up when we trained 2 weeks ago? If you did it really must be unobtrusive as I didn't noticed it.


  2. Mojo - yes it was. Its very unobtrusive.


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