Saturday, October 26, 2013

DARC LECTC Overview Part 1

DARC LECTC Lessons Learned Part 1

1: PT
2: Weapons Skills down pat
3: Kit familiarity down pat
4: Mindset

Yes, those are paint marks all over my helmet. 

1 PT:
This course is long – 96 hours in 6 days. You will be wearing a Gas mask for every single run. If you are not familiar with gas masks, they restrict your breathing big time. I started doing moderate cardio in my mask months back in prep. Burpees and short sprint intervals were great. I’d also do a WOD or two a week in my mask, just to get more accustomed to it.

In real life, you won’t have time to get in shape for the fight. It will happen when it wants to, on its terms. You have to be prepared for it. Train now and be ready at all times. This is specific to any fight – from the physical fight for your life as a result of a traffic accident, to a gun fight against battle hardened motivated trained terrorists.

2 Weapons Skills:
Take your “basic” weapons manipulations skills. Grip. Presentation. Magazine reloads (emergency and tactical). Malfunction clearances. Transitions. Practice them. And again. And again. And again. Now turn off the lights. Do it where you can’t see what your doing. Can you ID the malfunction by what you feel? Click? Mush? Bolt not go back all the way?

Practice presenting the weapon from your standard movement position – High Port/Muzzle Up. At DARC you will do this 99% of the time. If you practice presenting the gun into a sight picture repeatedly the gun will generally fall into the same spot all the time. This helps speed up your first shot on target. This will also help at the close distances where sights are more or less there, but not necessarily in use.

Being able to do this, paid off when the lights went out and Rob Zombie started blasting while the bee’s paid a visit.

3 Kit Familiarity:
I practiced magazine reloads from every single mag pouch on my kit. First without a helmet/mask in the day. Then with helmet and mask in the day. Then at night with helmet and mask. This paid off as on a few runs I did end up on my last 1-2 magazines. Knowing where and how to reload out of every mag pouch is key, especially if you have a mix of type of pouches – open top, closed top, double mag closed top, etc.

Know where your TQ is placed as well. Make sure it’s very clearly marked and visible to others, while secure. I carried 2 TQ’s on me this class. One run I lost the secondary TQ as I was being moved into a casualty collection point. The guy performing buddy aid located my second TQ and quickly applied it.

We had a mixture of TQ’s in the class, and it paid off to know how to use them all. I applied or saw applied all three types.

4 Mindset:
This is something that you can’t fake, but can develop and will help make up for a shortcoming in any of the above areas to an extent.

Being able to flip the “Mr. Friendly” switch to “I’m gonna make them pay for that” is a must. Being able to fight your way through the stressors of full kit, gas mask (reduced Oxygen input to the brain), and loud chaotic situation with no light and finish the objective is a must. You must be ready to win, and be aggressive enough to win.

Accept that you will get shot in a gunfight, so it doesn’t surprise you if you do. Its better to be surprised that you didn’t get shot.

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