Tuesday, September 24, 2013

JM Custom Kydex AIWB holster

JM Custom Kydex AIWB Holster

 In February I was able to pick up a prototype AIWB holster from JM Custom Kydex in the Fernley/Reno area. Why did I want one? Simple, Appendix Carry shooting practice. This stemmed from a shooting training session from a former JM Custom Kydex employee. I was able to get one of their holsters for practice work shortly after that. 

I have been a believer in AIWB for lo pro and fast concealed carry since picking up a Raven Concealment Vanguard 2 in 2012. This is still in my opinion, the best lo pro AIWB holster on the market. However, it does have drawbacks. The only noteworthy drawback is that you need to remove it from the belt to “reholster” the gun into the VG2. So any serious AIWB live fire practice will frustrate you.

Typically I AIWB carry a Glock 19 or Glock 22. So I ordered this in the Glock 22 model from JM. The holster will work with the 17/22, 19/23 and 26/27 framed Glocks.

Size. This holster is thicker over all than the VG2, but that is due to the design. Any easy to reholster, holster will be like that. The VG2 just covers the trigger guard which is narrower than the frame and slide of the gun. This means that this holster will be the width of the Slide plus two thicknesses of Kydex on top of that. This means that the JM holster is thicker for carry AIWB. Because my previous AIWB carry knowledge was limited to the VG2, this was slightly uncomfortable at first. I adapted though, mainly by loosening my belt.

In conclusion, JM made changes to this design since Feb. What they are, I’m not 100% sure though but I was told the belt loop section was part of the redesign.

This is my AIWB training holster, although for regular lo pro “rollin dirty” work, I still carry my VG2 and will continue.

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  1. Have been running this same holster since I received it three months ago. Went with the 17 length to carry a 19 after realizing how much more comfortable it was to carry a 17 vs 26 in the VG2. The 34 length might be even better. Went with the extra tuck option, almost required for a 17 and nice for the 19. Order with the split Kydex loops- allows you to straddle belt loops to find the perfect ride spot.