Monday, August 12, 2013

Equipment Color Considerations Part 2

Part 2 on Equipment Color Considerations

Earlier I showed a few pictures of different colored kit and rifles in a home next to a couch under NOD’s. This time I’ll show a few colors of kit in the desert under NOD’s at 25 or so yards as well as at 7 or so yards.

The colors of kit: Black, Blue Force Gear Wolf, Coyote Brown and Multiawesomecam.

Pictures taken on a mostly moon lit night under a Gen 3 TNVC PVS-14. IR light is from a Princeton Tec Charge MPLS.

Picture of Area with Flash:

NOD picture close:

NOD picture close with IR:

NOD picture far:

NOD picture far with IR:

This should help in a way. The next thing I would like to show, but have difficulty in doing so, is what colors stick out in low light. Sadly, my camera will not take photos that show this, but your own naked eye will do that. Take your kit out into the local AO and see what sticks out. Try it in your house, yard, hiking area, hunting area, etc.

Coming up next in the series: Kit out in the wild during daylight. If you happen to have a Smock or Long sleeve top in any camo patterns and would like it included, PM me on the Facebook page, or post an email on the comments with the type of camo pattern you have available. I’m looking specifically for some of the newer patterns to compare.

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