Saturday, June 22, 2013


Sometimes we need something "throwback" or "old-school" or whatever the buzz word is of today.

Paraclete was "THE" brand for a while. Sadly they aren't around the same anymore however the pouches still are available used if you look.

I foolishly sold off the Paraclete pouches I had a few years ago. lately I decided I wanted to replace them and pick up a few more as well. This is the result.

Medical Firing Systems Pouch (Smoke Green):
Great for small utility stuff - notepad, sharpies, utility flashlight, snacks or even med kit. Pack this to thick though, and it will get in the way of the mags as this is setup.

Single Double M4 Mag Pouch (Khaki):
Works for Radios, Mags (duh) and Flashbangs.

I'm still looking to pick up some more Paraclete pouches so if you happen to find any of the following at decent prices let me know. 
  • Single Double M4 Mag Pouch in Smoke Green 
  • Single Double SR-25 Mag Pouch in Smoke Green
  • Single Double SR-25 Mag Pouch in Khaki
  • Medical Firing Systems Pouch in Khaki
  • Medical Firing Systems Pouch in Black

There are certainly new options that are probably better out there, but sometimes you just need something old school.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Ready Positions

Weapon Ready Positions

These are what I mean when I use the following terms in regards to ready positions. I use all of them, as there is a time and place for all of them.

It's up to you to decide how and if each ready position will be useful to have in your tool box. 

High Ready:
Muzzle is just below the eye located between the target and the eye.
Low Ready:
Muzzle is at the base of the target or just below a targets hands. 

Muzzle Up/High Port:
Buttstock is tucked in the strong side armpit held tight into the body with one arm. Support arm is free allowing support arm to be used in a stack or in a pumping motion while running.

High Ready:
Muzzle is just below target at eye level.
Compressed Ready:
Tucked in tight to the upper chest on your centerline. Allows positive control of the weapon in close quarters.

Low Ready:
Muzzle is held at targets feet or just below the hands of the threat. 

Muzzle is held pointed down and slightly forward of your feet.

Muzzle Up/High Port: (Not pictured)
Held near shooters strong side head to ensure no muzzling in close quarters team movement. Support hand is free to open doors and keep contact in a stack. Also allows for safe running with the weapon. This is the same as with the rifle.

Low ready movement in stack:

Held at strong side. Support hand is free as in Muzzle Up. Pay close attention to muzzle direction for safety.