Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DARC Drag Strap Belt Loop Adapter

DARC Drag Strap, Belt Loop Adapter

I’m a big fan of the DARC Drag Strap setup from Direct Action Resource Center ( It does what in my experience, other drag straps do not. The drag strap does require a rather large Carabineer for ease of use with a regular 1.5” or even a 2+ inch duty belt. Recognizing this, I decided to sew up a loop of the same 1” tubular webbing I made the drag strap out of to place on my pants belt. 

I took a guess at how much webbing I would need for wearing with a 1.5” belt and guessed correctly. The webbing is a total length of approximately 7-8 inches of webbing with about a 1.5” overlap. The overlap is stitched in a box pattern with an X finishing stich in the center. Forgive me if the sewing terms are incorrect as I do not sew for a living.

As seen here this will allow the user to wear their regular duty style belt at all times with the ability to quickly throw on their plate carrier and have an easy interfacing drag strap system ready to go. This will also work when worn with other kit like MOLLE war/battle belts or CCW/Plain Clothes rigs and a hastily thrown on Heavy Vest or Plate Carrier.

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  1. Why not just loop carabiner through belt and clip loop of strap into the belt mounted carabiner? Or forego belt webbing loop and just clip carabiner as pictured onto belt directly? Good Set-up tho Ill have to look at rigging up something similar...Thanks!