Thursday, December 27, 2012

Panic Buying of Magazines

Obviously there is a bit of panic buying going on right now of modern defensive rifles, pistols, magazines, ammunition and the associated parts with keeping them running.

I’ve read several places regarding the amount of magazines one should have as a minimum. I’ve read various opinions on the subject. They run from the 2-3 magazines to 500 magazines. The opinions are the just enough for shooting once a year to shooting for the rest of your life if they are banned. I’ve been asked by several people what I would recommend.

My opinion, just like most of the time, is based on reading what others more experienced than I would say. The general minimum recommendation per weapon is as follows:
10 magazines for carry/use.
10 magazines for training.
10 magazines in wrapper/packaging for long term storage.

Notice I said, per weapon. If you have 2 AR-15 rifles, then you will need 20 magazines in each category, etc. Obviously you will also need the ammunition and parts to keep the gun running, so don’t neglect those things.

Take that into consideration and use the guidelines if they will help you.