Sunday, November 25, 2012

KISS part 1

Why KISS is not KISS

Part 1 of many.

I was browsing a few different gun forums recently and found the stereotypical posts on “KISS” guns and gear. The posters ranged from the “realist” to the “I was in Vietnam and carried a M-14 so I don’t need anything else” to the “Iron sights are the only option and red dots fail” and so on.

All of the posts I read revolved around the following topics:
  • ·      Modern Firearms (AR-15 family, Glock/M&P Pistols)
  • ·      Red Dot Sights
  • ·      Weaponlights
  • ·      Lasers (visible and IR)
  • ·      Slings
  • ·      Gear – ALICE, MOLLE, Kydex, etc.

Now this whole post is a waste if your goal is to own as many guns as possible, then don’t waste time reading further.

There is a reason that a go to weapon for combat, home defense LE duty use or every day carry (EDC) is NOT a M1 Garand and 1911. It’s a modern reliable semi auto carbine with a 30 round magazine appropriately outfitted (Red Dot/Light/Sling) and a high capacity polymer wonder gun – Glock, M&P or HK.

Why is that? Progress. As the often reposted quote from Larry Vickers’ goes;
“GI’s carrying 1911’s defeated Axis forces, including Austrians. The 1911 was winning battles and savings lives before Gaston Glock was even born – somewhere along the way we probably figured out a thing or two on combat handguns.”

Obviously we don’t have the context of this quote so we can take the quote two opposite directions. The only thing I am going to say is this, Osama wasn’t shot with a M1 Garand. He was though shot by a hard charging American fighting man equipped with the latest state of the art weapons system.


Don’t ignore it.

Don’t ignore the tactics required to use the latest tool.

To be continued.

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