Saturday, September 1, 2012

IFAK Pouches.

IFAK Pouch. Fortunately there is a ton of options available for pouches these days. There are dedicated pouches as well as inserts for multipurpose pouches. MOLLE mount pouches, belt mount pouches and drop leg pouches. I’m going to show pictures of a few pouches that I have or have access to in the hopes of helping you choose what you want for your “Mission.”

*Note.* Not all of the pouches are fully stocked with the required med kit so please take that into account.

Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit Now! (TKN) and Tourniquet Now!
This is a dedicated pouch that consists of two things. The sleeve and the insert. The insert can be closed on itself if removed from the sleeve and used by itself. I personally find this useful for carrying one IFAK between my various backpacks, vehicle, friends car, etc. Ideally suited for carry on either a belt or towards the center of a Plate Carrier due to it being drawn straight up. As pictured is lacking a pair of scissors. Also wearing the Tourniquet Now! From Blue Force Gear on the top of the insert. This allows the Tourniquet to be easier access for the most critical application item.

First Spear Self Aid Pocket and Insert
Dedicated pouch with a sleeve (pocket) and insert. This pouch is unique in that it’s a left or right hand horizontal draw setup. This is much more friendly to carry on a Plate Carrier under the shoulder. Will also work on a belt. A modification that’s worth making is using some shock cord and adding it to one of the small loops to use as a TQ retainer band. 

North American Rescue Drop Rig
Dedicated leg mounted drop rig. Attaches either to MOLLE webbing (needs two pieces wide and two pieces tall without a space in between) or to a 1.75” to 2” duty belt. The kit I have pictured is not fully equipped as is more of a base model without any Hemostatic agents. 

North American Rescue TORK
Dedicated pouch, not a tear away. Very efficient use of space making it compact, but could be difficult to use when covered in blood, mud, etc. 

Dedicated pouch, non tear away. Small, compact pouch. Possibly to small. It’s semi rounded design makes it difficult to put larger items in it such as the 6” Trauma Bandages. 


Tactical Assault Gear:           
Dedicated pouch, non tear away. Large pouch with internal straps for storage. Not great for a belt due to the size of it. 

Combat Medical Systems:
Older pouch, unknown model number. Dedicated pouch, non tear away. Very compact pouch but it is not that easy to remove kit from due to the size of the pouch. 

Other kits I would like to play with, but don’t have include the DARK from Dark Angel Medical and the Eagle IFAK from North American Rescue. Both are slim enough for wear on a duty belt if you have the space as an LEO. Both kits are sleeves with a packaged insert to remove and apply as needed.

Hope this helps. Next post will cover some options for a pocket carry self aid kit.

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