Thursday, August 30, 2018

Running with a Gun

Lots of questions and unanswered questions online about running with a gun. Running is a next to free way to stay in some form of shape. Carrying at least your gun with you, is living the lifestyle that understands you are your own first responder.

I've found this setup works for me, a Sheriff of Baghdad Condom Holster with a Glock 43. This works the best in a pair of shorts that can cinch tight in the waistband. So far the best I've used are the Salomon Cairn.

When I go for longer runs, I wear a Salomon Sense 5 vest. This adds plenty of storage options, but not speed of access. If you just want the gun with you, a Magpul Daka pouch will hold your gun inside the back storage pouch. Pictured is not the same gun combo that I carried in the below video, but will show you potential for the size available.

Additional things to consider when running armed: ID. Some states are "Constitutional Carry" but I'd still carry my ID with me. I carry my cred's/ID and a house key always just in case. This is usually in a zipper pocket on my shorts.  Think if you are injured or hit by a vehicle, someone needs to know who you are so they can get someone to your family.

Med Kit. I will stuff a TQ (CAT or SOFT-W) in the stretch pockets on the Salomon shorts, but when those options aren't available, a RATs is better than nothing so I wear it like a bandolier. With the vest, I put a SOFT-W and Israeli bandage in one pocket with a basic first aid kit in another pocket.

See the below video for more info and maybe less reading required. 

*Shoutout to my faded but OG Raven Concealment Shirt* 

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