Friday, September 1, 2017

Advanced Holster Snatch 'N Grab V1 Modular Loadout Panel

Advanced Holster Snatch ‘N Grab V1 Modular Loadout Panel

I received this to T&E from Advanced Holsters. I had previously only used one of their products, the first generation ALG 6 Second Mount Glock Holster. My impression of that product was that it was good quality, but not the greatest design. aThe Snatch ‘N Grab on the other hand, showed more effort and work was placed in the design and production. The panel is modular, well built and versatile for both backpack and non bag carry.

The Snatch ‘N Grab is a “L” shaped panel of kydex with the following specifications:
16"L x 10"W with a 2.375" Bottom Flange
Made From 0.125" Black Kydex
MOLLE/PALS Compatible Grid Pattern
Nylon Grab Handle and 5 Foot Accessory Straps with Mil Spec Hardware
All Cutouts and Edges are Rounded to Prevent Frayed Webbing/Material
Made in the USA!

My preferred way to discretely carry a rifle is a LAW folder equipped SBR in a Vertx Gamut Plus backpack. The downside to carrying a rifle like this, is that the muzzle can poke down into the bottom of the back which upsets its ability to sit upright. The Snatch ‘N Grab panel prevented the layout from being an issue all while adding the ability to organize the interior with MOLLE pouches.
Up front, I expected that the Kydex would break along the L angle/fold. I was impressed that having used this since March, there are no breaks in the Kydex. having a hard angle folded into it along with the pressure on it from being roughly treated when I set my pack down in a hurry.

About 4 months into use, I rearranged the pouch setup on the Snatch ‘N Grab panel. It was simple to do even with using two different width PALS pouches. One was the weird off centered 7 or 8 channel wide Paraclete Med/Firing Systems pouch and the other a 6 PALS wide Blue Force Gear Triple M4. Due to the spacing on the Panel, I was able to work both pouches on the panel.

I didn’t use this as a vehicle insert, but can see how it would work as one should I need to in the future. Simply carry a duffle bag with panel out to vehicle to keep items out of plain view. Open duffel bag, remove panel, attach panel to seat back using included QD nylon straps. Do your tasks throughout the day with trauma kits, food, binoculars, etc. easily accessible. Get to a position you need to leave the vehicle, remove panel, back in duffle bag go on with life.


  1. This is rather timely, as I'm in the process of putting together a 9" .300 SBR with LAW folder which will likewise be carried in a Gamut. Do you think there would be any value in modifying this with a short section of something like PVC on the base in order to keep the muzzle from shifting around, or would that be unnecessary?

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