Wednesday, November 2, 2016

EGL FBI Drop Hanger Med Pouch

Hangers or Drop pouches

I have a Extreme Gear Labs med kit that is the “hanger” style that has been popular of late. The concept is to put a pouch that hangs below the front flap of a chest rig or plate carrier. I initially saw this in pictures of kit from around mid 2005 and on,  when MIL assaulters were adding bangs, mags, IFAK’s etc on the groin armor flaps on heavy vests. Also something I saw was guys using fanny packs as IFAK's since it was below the Armor and yet centerline for ease of access and worked no matter if only wearing belt kit or with belt and amor. As the civilian market of selling gear went more towards selling chest rigs than PC’s/Armor Carriers, people started to see the cool guy gear and want something like it. If you need to add kit to what your wearing with minimal side print, a hanger makes that easy.

"Dalton Fury" RIP
Flap with Utility Pouch

Tom Spooner/Northern Red
Flap with flashbangs and mags

For my use of a Hanger, I went with the EGL “FBI” mod med kit. My chest rig is limited to range days where I don’t need armor, or for “hey something’s going on but I don’t have my armor at home with me” wear. The chest rig is a EGL 3 Mag VOCR – reviewed on here already. 

The FBI med kit has a front dual side opening Tourniquet pouch. It fits a CAT as well as SOFT-W gen2 and up. The back portion is a top zipper opening utility pouch. I have combat gauze, Z fold regular gauze and other standard IFAK contents in it. A person could use this for other roles, but that’s how I use it. To allow easier ID of the zippers, I replaced the supplied grey paracord pulls with glow in the dark blue.

Placement/Clearance. Body types and what other kit you are using with this will dictate how you wear your kit. One factor is that if the top of the top opening pouch butts up against the bottom of your chest rig, it will be really difficult to open the pouch when needed. I’ve adjusted the height a few times by moving the Velcro attached hanger up and down.