Saturday, December 19, 2015

Raven Concealment Vanguard 3

Raven Concealment Systems Vanguard 3 – VG3

The Holy Grail of holsters for the last several years has been the rumored light compatible VG holster from Raven Concealment systems. I was lucky in that I received one this year and have been able to wear it for a while.

What is the VG3? It’s a VG2 style holster that is attached and secured by a tube that friction locks over the X-300 Ultra. The tube continues back over the trigger guard on your pistol. Due to the retention being on the U-boat, you can use it with most fighting handguns. I personally have tried it on various 9/40 framed Glocks (19 and 17) as well as a full size M&P. The model I have is a molded piece of Kydex and I expect the production version will be Injection Molded like the VG2 is.

Here are my thoughts on the VG3.

Comfort: This is comfortable, as the single strut allows the holster to move as you move. When I sit, the gun cants sideways with the grip going towards a resting position on my leg. I have also ran some with this clipped into my shorts. While clipped into my shorts with a standard 1.5” Eidolon style clip there was a bit of wobble, but would make do in an emergency.

Concealability: The holster can move with you and with it having the Light as the long point connected to the fulcrum, not the muzzle, this can cause printing issues. Tightening your belt down and limiting the ability of the grip to rotate will help with concealment but will not help with comfort.

Retention: Initially this was very tight, but upon a bit of dry practice it cleaned up and the kydex loosened up. I have only had the gun come out of the holster when I want it to, and that required a stiff belt to maintain it being secure when worn with pants.

Versatility: This will lock onto a MOLLE style loop, if one is near by on a mag pouch. I had the Extreme Gear Labs 3 mag VOCR made with the “Levi” mod to the GP pouch. This allowed me to use both a VG3 or VG2 hooked into the loops using either a Eidolon clip or belt loop.

Baller Status: There is something pure out “baller” nice about being able to clip a WML equipped gun into my shorts to take the trash out, water the garden, etc. Makes life very easy.

I know that as of right now the VG3 is available via quick ship on the RCS website, and expect that RCS Dealers will have it in stock shortly.

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  1. Not sure if my version is considered "production," but the it's from the first run sold to the public, and it's still Kydex.

    1. Thanks. I am curious what changes if any this will have over the next few months with the mass of people able to buy it now.

    2. As I understand it, molds for injection molding are rather expensive. Wouldn't surprise me if RCS was waiting to gauge interest before making that kind of investment like they probably did before moving from the VG1 to VG2.