Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Crye Precision SPS Double 5.56/7.62 Mag Pouch

Double M4 Mag Pouch

Crye Precision Smart Pouch Suite 5.56/7.62/MBITR


Factors I’ll be covering are:
·      Overall size/footprint:
This takes 2 PALS webbing width and mounts using it's proprietary mounting system on 2 rows high. 

·      Materials
Fabric is listed as 100% nylon by Crye. It doesn't state what weight or particulars, but it is definitely not 1000D Cordura. 
·      Ease of opening – speed of reloads
o   The end of the pouch functions as a flap that is easy to grab. The pouches ability to hold mags as large as 7.62 provide more fabric on the sides allowing the M3 PMAG’s over insertion stop to not be an issue. This got my reloads back into what has been my normal times of around 4.25 seconds.
·      Ability to retain 1 instead of 2 mags. With the bungee cord set for 2 mags, it would comfortably secure one magazine when I only needed 1. 
·      Magazine Compatibility
o   USGI, PMAG M2 and M3

       o   Surefire 60

o   PMAG 40

·      Versatility - what other items does it hold
o   Tazer X-26 - Yes

o   Radio – Motorola XTS 1500/2500 fits. 
o   Water – 16oz plastic bottles fit well. A Liberty 20oz bottle fit, but the flap had minimal coverage making me not comfortable using it to carry a Liberty bottle on duty. With the bungee tightened down, it would hold it in the pouch, but not something with physical activity I'd expect it to stay. 

o   Beverages
§  Red Bull 8.4oz – Yes (One is in the pouch and one next to it for comparison)

§  Kill Cliff 12oz - Yes
        o   Flash bangs – Large Anti Roll Model - Yes

o   Glock 17/22 with X300U and DG switch – Yes

o   Dark Angel Medical DARK insert – Yes

o   Oakley Glasses hard case – Yes. I sometimes need to swap from sunglasses to clear lenses on operations and as such having a easy way to carry a spare set of lenses is nice. Generally this is done when I don't need to carry an additional 2 M4 mags. 

In summary, this is what I have been putting on all my kit that needs a double M4 or similar sized pouch. Its ability to hold various sized kit, Magazines and its low profile when empty or in use were all things I liked.

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