Monday, June 1, 2015

Book Review: Combat Strength Training

E-Book Review

Combat Strength Training by Pat McNamara

This was released on 5/30/15, in a electronic format. It’s a short quick read. The information is mostly ideology/theory, based on McNamara’s personal experience from his 22 year US Army career.

In the book CST, McNamara breaks down his approach to strength training of the “combat chassis” and recognizes that most MIL/LE guys who carry 60 pounds of “lightweight” gear have had injuries in their career. McNamara looks at what parts of fitness are important to him. McNamara gives some examples of a real world application of a movement he trains – Back Squat = carrying a loved one or heavy pack.

The book does not include a suggested routine so to say, but explains what ways McNamara trains on a weekly basis and what movements he does on those goal focused days. A specific breakdown of what he does is not there. That is up to the reader to decide on their needs.

The book doesn’t include a nutrition guide, as McNamara points out he is not a nutritionist, but he has found that eating a certain way has helped and he learned to pay attention to his body. That diet mysteriously looks like the common “Paleo” or “Caveman” style diet of fresh meat, veggies and fruit.

Overall a short easy read, but best read by someone who has a background in trying Crossfit or Gym Jones style of training. Is it a must read? Not for everyone, but you will get something out of it, especially if you are a MIL/LEO or concerned/prepared citizen who wants to be strong for the fight.

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