Thursday, February 5, 2015

EGL Custom 3 Mag VOCR

Extreme Gear Labs custom 3 Mag VOCR

"Mission Drives the Gear Train"

I identified a need in my gear pile last year. At the time, what I wanted was not available on the open market, so I went custom. Besides, if you want to have something tweaked to your needs and are going to pay for it, why not just pay to have the item built to your needs from the start? Even though he can have some slow payment to delivery times, even more so because of his Space Race involvement, Eggy from Extreme Gear Labs is still the best source for custom gear.

What I wanted, was a way to carry 3 M-4 mags, 2 pistol mag pouches Glock and M&P friendly (capable of carrying flashlights or multitools as well) and a GP pouch with loops that would allow me to hard point a holster such as the Raven Concealment Vanguard 2 – VG2. Going with EGL, I was able to do all that plus add in a STUFFIT which is my choice for a multipurpose pouch with low retention needs.

Why a chest rig for me? If you’ve read one of my first posts, you know I prefer a “battle” belt over a chest rig for training. The difference here, is that I want to be able to carry extra rifle gear and have a pistol accessible when using a backpack.

This setup in the base model is found in the EGL VOCR line, available in multiple mag variants – 3,4,5 and 6 mags. Many are familiar with the mass produced variant of the VOCR that Eggy designed called the D3CR. Due to Eggy’s involvement in the D3CR upgrades that came out in 2014, I was able to have them instituted in my VOCR.

Looking at the layout of the VOCR, it has QD buckles connecting the H harness and waist strap. This allows integration with Plate Carriers setup with the receiver QD’s if needed. On the H harness are loops that allow Chemlights or Radio wiring. The base of the VOCR are 3 single M4 mag pouches. It’s possible other types of mags would work, but as I don’t own or use over hyped peasant rifles (AK family), Galil’s, Steyer Aug’s, etc. I’m not sure on that. ON the back of the VOCR is Velcro allowing the addition of accessories. On the front from left to right, GP pouch. This I had modified with several loops that allow IWB holster loops to be hard pointed to the pouch. Currently a Raven Concealment VG2 fills that roll, but a VG1 could be tied in with paracord. In the middle is a STUFFIT which can hold pretty much anything, including a Motorola XTS series radio, Dark Angel Medical DARK insert, etc. Last are 2 pistol mag pouches. They will barely hold a Glock 22 round mag, but were designed to hold it and the standard Glock 17/22 mag or M&P magazine comfortably. 

Looking down onto rig from wearer's POV

Front view of rig,

 Showing loops and how VG2 loop will interface with it

The accessories for the VOCR/D3CR line, fit on the back using Velcro. I have the 2 M4 mag wedge and the “FBI” trauma kit hanger. Depending on my needs, is if I will run either of accessories. 

 Looking down on VOCR at 2 mag wedge on top. 

I chose 3 angles of view to show how a standard REI backpacking pack would fit when worn over both the VOCR and a Crye JPC with and without hydration bladder. Also depicted is the VOCR being worn with the 2 mag wedge installed, to show its minimal bulk.


VOCR with 2 mag wedge – no pack:

JPC - with hydration bladder:

Notice how the hydration bladder even though a small capacity model shifts the pack to one side. This would be highly uncomfortable in long term wear. 

JPC - without hydration bladder:

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