Monday, February 10, 2014

First Spear Tourniquet Pouch Follow Up

First Spear 6/9 Tourniquet Pouch

A reader commented about the difficulty getting the Tac Med Solutions excellent (if not superior to the CAT) SOFTT to work with the First Spear TQ Pouch. I was able to check the fit of the TQ pouch with both the first gen Wide as well as the current gen Wide model of the SOFTT.

First a comparison of the various TQ’s on the market as well as a standard PMAG 30 and Glock 17/22 magazine.  Left to right: PMAG, SOFTT New, SOFTT Old, CAT and Glock magazine.

The interior of the pouch again:

Pouch with a SOFTT-W:

SOFTT-W and CAT side by side in pouch:

Pouch with SOFTT-W and Quick Clot Gauze:

Pouch with SOFTT-W Old:

In summary, the SOFTT-W Old buckle version is not that friendly for use in this pouch. Its not as efficient for rapid secure use either, but still is a one handed tourniquet that is better than nothing or such TQ’s as the SWAT or TK-4.

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  1. Good post. In regards to the efficacy between the CAT and SOFT, multiple studies have shown that the difference in hemorrhage control is minimal. Statistic analysis of Doppler findings for total occlusion of arterial and venous flow show differences less than 0.1-0.3%. The interesting part of these studies has demonstrated that training and familiarity with your TQ is far more important than whether it is a CAT or SOFT.

    Preferences for application are a perfectly reasonable criteria for TQ selection as long as it is applied correctly. I have every confidence in both TQs and have used both in operational casualty care.

    Two warnings: Use only CoTCCC/CCCWG approved TQs. There are other TQs recommended by 'tactical celebrities' that do not have the efficacy of the SOFT or CAT. And, finally, procure your TQs from an approved reputable source. There are AIRSOFT TOY TQs. Some people/agency/military units have been duped into purchasing them.

    Take Care Out There.