Monday, February 24, 2014

Magpul Rail Light Mount

Magpul Rail Light Mount

I was looking for a product to allow offset mounting of either a Surefire M600 Scout or a P2X Fury in a offset “high” location along with a 12 O’Clock mounted DBAL (future reference will also include a PEQ-15 I hope).

Currently I was only able to see success with a Larue offset mount – cost over $120.00. The Magpul at retail of $30.00 seemed like a good option. Sadly, that was not the case. It works well at being tight and tucked into the rail, but to tight for use with a DBAL on my current rail systems of a VLTOR VIS and Daniel Defense Lite 12.0 FSP. Changing rail systems may completely make my photos and information, useless to you. The video Magpul produced for Brownell’s shows the RLM working fine with a DBAL, but on a specific Geissele rail.

The light mount for a light only, no laser available, option is awesome. Its rapid to mount and tight to the rail locking it in tight into the gaps between rail sides (i.e. between the 9 and 12 rails). It is similar to some of the IWC produced Haley Strategic mounts, only about half the price and much more versatile.

Magpul Mount on DD Lite 12.0" FSP at 9 O’clock:

When the light is pushed as far forward as possible to allow interface with a DBAL mounted as far forward as possible, issues arise. Based on eyeballing it, I do not believe that this would work with the PEQ-15 on this rail either. This would seem to work for people with 7” rails and 10.5" or longer barrels – M-4 or MK-18 style weapons.

Attempted to use RLM 12 O’Clock with DBAL at 12. The light wouldn't poke around the DBAL.

I was finally able to use the RLM, by moving the DBAL back behind the FSP. This setup would work better on a non FSP rail.

Attempted to use Larue with DBAL at 12 on DD lite, no go. It wouldn’t mount as the light head of the Fury was to big and would hit the side of the DBAL before I could even try to lock the mount on.

Final RLM setup with IR illuminated showing the glare of the IR of the bezel of the M600 Scout.

Larue on VLTOR VIS with DBAL at 12:

I found the right and left side Magpul mounts did the same thing on the VIS as on the 12.0 FSP, although I didn’t take pictures of it.


Currently and upon arrival of a second DBAL, my 12.0 FSP setup will look as follows:

A Unity Tactical FUSION system might solve my rail/light/DBAL woes with the 12.0 FSP setup. This setup should be inbound in the near future.

Lights with DBAL’s and PEQ’s are more complicated than running just a light. Even more so difficult because of IR laser placement needs in regards to NOD’s and “glare.” The RLM is a very good product, even if it can be a complete pain for someone like me to install with a DBAL. On my DBAL less guns, it is replacing my other light mounts such as the VTAC and Larue.

Monday, February 10, 2014

First Spear Tourniquet Pouch Follow Up

First Spear 6/9 Tourniquet Pouch

A reader commented about the difficulty getting the Tac Med Solutions excellent (if not superior to the CAT) SOFTT to work with the First Spear TQ Pouch. I was able to check the fit of the TQ pouch with both the first gen Wide as well as the current gen Wide model of the SOFTT.

First a comparison of the various TQ’s on the market as well as a standard PMAG 30 and Glock 17/22 magazine.  Left to right: PMAG, SOFTT New, SOFTT Old, CAT and Glock magazine.

The interior of the pouch again:

Pouch with a SOFTT-W:

SOFTT-W and CAT side by side in pouch:

Pouch with SOFTT-W and Quick Clot Gauze:

Pouch with SOFTT-W Old:

In summary, the SOFTT-W Old buckle version is not that friendly for use in this pouch. Its not as efficient for rapid secure use either, but still is a one handed tourniquet that is better than nothing or such TQ’s as the SWAT or TK-4.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

First Spear Tourniquet Pouch

First Spear 6/9 Tourniquet Pouch

I recently picked up two of the First Spear Tourniquet Pouches in the 6/9 attachment method. 6/9 is one of First Spear’s MOLLE style alternatives, and will be familiar to those who ever saw the Blackwater Gear line 6 or so years back. This is a more refined version of that concept, whether First Spear intended it to be similar or not.

The First Spear TQ pouch allows you to retain your MOLLE or Belt mounted TQ in a marked pouch centerline or wherever your unit SOP’s dictate. I advocate for and carry my TQ’s centerline in a purpose built pouch to avoid a few things happening to them. Mud, Solar erosion of the materials and lessen the chance of it going missing. Previously I had used a TQ pouch from North American Rescue that did all three of those things, however made the TQ difficult to remove from the pouch.

The First Spear TQ pouch is a clam shell opening, that protects the TQ from solar erosion, mud and securely holds the TQ’s while allowing rapid deployment. The clam shell works by folding the two tall side pieces over the TQ. Next you fold the top flap down over the side pieces locking them in place. The last piece is the flap with the red tab getting pulled from the bottom over the side pieces and top flap. Ensure that the side pieces were held together while applying the bottom flap over. To deploy, you simply pull the tab down and the TQ will be accessible.

Inside the TQ pouch is a small elastic flap as well as a loop for storage of a Sharpie. The back of the TQ pouch has two elastic straps that help hold the pouch compact, especially when used with different sized TQ’s. The Elastic flaps are spaced to allow interaction with MOLLE webbing spacing, or use in the First Spear 6/9 or 6/12 systems. I do not have a MOLLEMinus setup from Blue Force Gear at this time, so I can not check compatibility with that.

As you can see by the next photos, this will work on a 2” duty belt with the First Spear Missing Link MOLLE adapters. Pictured on a Ares Gear Duty belt.