Friday, January 31, 2014

Raven Concealment Systems Pocket Holster

Raven Concealment Pocket Holster

Raven Concealment is my preferred concealment holster manufacturer by far. I have been trying pocket holsters of various types for the last few years, and last year finally decided to pick up one of theirs. My preferred carry location is my support side cargo pocket, and as such a squared/rectangular model of holster is preferred as it will stabilize the gun while assisting in breaking up the outline.

Most pocket holsters are intended for wear in a normal “upper” pants pocket. The Raven design works in normal pocket carry locations as well as other pants pockets like I prefer.

The Raven holster has three grommets in it that hold it together, but also offer tie down points if you need that done.

How does the holster work? The top edge by the slide is flared out and slightly forward, allowing the holster to catch on the pocket when worn in an upper pocket. This causes the holster to stay in the pocket as the gun comes out.

To draw from a cargo pocket, you pull the pistol out of the holster by obtaining a grip on the pistol only puling the holster enough out to clear the grip. Next you tilt the holster back, catching the holsters flat edge beneath the grip on the back of your pants pocket. Then rock the pistol slightly backwards and pull. This will catch the holster on the pocket and allow the pistol to be free. See the below video for an example.

I’ve tried this in a few other types of pants, packs, pouches and found it will fit even though I do not carry that way.

The below video is the Raven pocket holster being used with a G-27 in a pair of Wrangler Riggs Cargo pants.

Youtube Raven Pocket Holster Video

If you would like any further information, please ask. 

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