Friday, January 31, 2014

Raven Concealment Systems Pocket Holster

Raven Concealment Pocket Holster

Raven Concealment is my preferred concealment holster manufacturer by far. I have been trying pocket holsters of various types for the last few years, and last year finally decided to pick up one of theirs. My preferred carry location is my support side cargo pocket, and as such a squared/rectangular model of holster is preferred as it will stabilize the gun while assisting in breaking up the outline.

Most pocket holsters are intended for wear in a normal “upper” pants pocket. The Raven design works in normal pocket carry locations as well as other pants pockets like I prefer.

The Raven holster has three grommets in it that hold it together, but also offer tie down points if you need that done.

How does the holster work? The top edge by the slide is flared out and slightly forward, allowing the holster to catch on the pocket when worn in an upper pocket. This causes the holster to stay in the pocket as the gun comes out.

To draw from a cargo pocket, you pull the pistol out of the holster by obtaining a grip on the pistol only puling the holster enough out to clear the grip. Next you tilt the holster back, catching the holsters flat edge beneath the grip on the back of your pants pocket. Then rock the pistol slightly backwards and pull. This will catch the holster on the pocket and allow the pistol to be free. See the below video for an example.

I’ve tried this in a few other types of pants, packs, pouches and found it will fit even though I do not carry that way.

The below video is the Raven pocket holster being used with a G-27 in a pair of Wrangler Riggs Cargo pants.

Youtube Raven Pocket Holster Video

If you would like any further information, please ask. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Extended Magazine Reliability


I’ve been running extended magazines in some variant for just over two years. First mag was a 2012 manufacture Surefire MAG-60. This was purchased after the initial reports came out of intermittent reliability problems that seemed to be solved after a few tweeks of the mag had taken place.

Next up I picked up extensions for my 9mm Glock magazines. I consulted with end users for duty/carry purposes as I’m not a competition shooter and competition doesn’t have any bearing on my choice in carry weapons or accessories. I was pointed toward three makes of extensions, Dawson, Taylor Freelance and Arredondo. Yes, they are made by companies that make things marketed to the competition crowd as well as some toward the duty crowd. I compared the price/installation reviews and went Arredondo.

I found that the only hard part of installing the Arredondo mag extensions was removal of the factory Glock baseplates. When a year later I put them on M&P magazines, which was not the case as the M&P baseplates came off way easier. Reliability with the Arredondo’s has been spotless, even after I low crawled in a dry sandy creek bed getting my M&P mags full of sand.

Back to the Surefire mag. First two times out, I ran this magazine full to empty over the range session one to three times. No issues. The next few times I ran it, I would load it up at the range in varying round counts and shoot it. No issues. Then I decided to load it for a year and then shoot it to see if the extended magazine compression causes issues. During this time the mag was thrown around in range bags, potentially causing the bullets to shift forward and back in the magazine which could cause issues.

I ran the magazine for the first time in December 2013 after approximately a year of being loaded. The magazine was inserted into the gun and upon insertion, I had Old Faithful shooting 5.56 up and out the magazine. I ejected the magazine and shoot the magazine out, dropping a few rounds out and allowing me to see that the magazine follower/springs had stuck either from time or from the rounds still in the magazine.

The magazine has since been test fired and works fine, causing me to believe that the rounds shifted forward causing the issue.

I have tested the Glock +2 magazine extension on 9mm and 40 magazines (17/19 and 22) without any problems. The PMAG 40 at this time appears to still be functioning 100%, but I’ve only had it for about 1.5 months with 1 opportunity to shoot with it.

I’d maintain the standard rule of thumb in regards to gear, test it before you trust your life to it. I will carry regular magazines with a gun until I have proven in training that extended magazines work reliable. That training will include dropping the magazines on random surfaces, as well as letting it get dirty with the environment – dust, sand, etc.