Monday, August 12, 2013

Low Cost and Free Training Supplementation

Low Cost and Free Training Supplementation

The resources available for training are more than ever before. From the constantly growing pool of quality (and not so quality) instructors, to low cost resources like the Panteao Productions streaming training videos.

How do you stretch your training budget? Dry practice a lot. You don’t have to shoot to get training, and dry practice is worth so much. However, you need additional hands on training to supplement that. This can come in a couple forms:
1.     Training Partner(s).
2.     Local Instructor.
3.     Nationally Recognized Big Name Instructor/School.

What I have found works is using the following resources. I have training partners I train with. Sometimes its once a month, others its once a year (we need to train more Mojo and Tim!). Then on top of that I try to take a Shooting or Tactics class about once every year to two years. I try to choose a class that will get the maximum training value on the topic, especially if I can cram a multiple day class in.

To keep things current during that, I use the following low cost or free tools.
1.     Panteao Productions. Streaming training videos from several of the Big Names in the Industry.
2.     Youtube. This requires a lot of discernment and knowledge of who is qualified and who is a idiot.
3.     Online Forums/Websites.
d.     Instructor’s personal blogs and Facebook pages

I use this for a wide variety of training, and if there is interest I can try to link to a few of the Facebook profiles/pages and Youtube channels I suggest keeping an eye on. I do link to several of the Facebook pages from my Blog Facebook occasionaly as well.


  1. You'll never hear me say we train too much together. I'm ready any time you are, though I know your current time limitations.
    You let me know when and we'll work something out.


  2. I'll let you know here soon. Should have an idea of a good time.