Monday, July 1, 2013

Equipment Color Considerations Part 1

Equipment color considerations, Part 1

This is a topic that I’m sure many of you have seen or heard of recently in the realm of the US Army’s ongoing camo fiasco.

There is a lot of valuable information being made public on the topic thanks to the excellent series by Guy Kramer who designed the ADS entry for the camo contest. All five parts of his series are available here:

In my opinion, the most valuable data from his post is something that not everyone remember when they talk camo. IR visibility. Obviously, if you don’t have access to Night Vision, you’ll not be able to check stuff out as easy as if you did. With Generation 1 NOD’s so cheap ($100 or so), you must consider IR visibility with your kit. From the LE professional operating in a rural environment looking for a Mexican Narco Terrorist operated Drug Grow to a Military or PSD unit working overseas against a determined enemy, IR visibility must be considered.

The first thing to do no matter what your wearing/using, is to get rid of anything that is black in color. Pretty much all the other colors of kit will blend in and you won't notice what pattern they are, whereas black will stick out. 

The following picture series should help illustrate my point.
This is pictured with a “Southwest” patterned couch and tan carpet for reference.
L to R.
Black Rifle.
Multicam/Smoke Green/Coyote Brown plate carrier with black and green magazines.
Coyote Brown Plate Carrier with black magazines
Tan/Brown/Green painted rifle with black magazines.

First picture, camera flash illumination only.

Second picture, No IR illum.

Third picture, IR Illum from Princeton Tec Charge.

Last, a variety of Multicam, Ranger Green, Coyote Brown kit and a black rifle under a close to full moon NOD shot.

Next in the series I will cover painted rifles and my thoughts on how to do it.

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