Thursday, February 14, 2013

Benghazi The Definitive Report

I’m sure if you have been paying attention to the report of the Islamic Terrorist assault on the American DOS compound in Benghazi Lybia in 2012 and the subsequent coverup by the main stream media and Obama Administration officials, you are just like me and curious as to what happened.

SOFREP (a must read blog FYI) has two editors on staff that wrote a report on the truth as best as can be found from their sources regarding what happened. One of the editors, Brandon Webb, was best friends with Glen Doughtery a former Navy SEAL and CIA Contractor that died attempting to rescue the American’s at the compound.

I downloaded the Kindle E-Book and highly suggest you do the same. A story of failure and cover up for sure, but more importantly the story of Heroism and Warrior Spirit. Running to gunfire.

Here is an excerpt from the book:
"At the State Department compound, Ty's team had set up and started to unleash everything they had on the attacking force. His guys had one MK46 machine gun, and individual H&K 416's complimented with GLM's (H&K 40mm grenade launchers). One of Ty's team members was a USMC veteran of Iraq and the blood bath of Fallujah. Ty's team unloaded on the enemy and soon had them on the run. The former Marine, having a bandolier of "golden eggs" (40mm grenades), would lob grenades as Ty directed; they worked with such efficiency that their teammates would describe it as witnessing a conductor working with a master musician. Within minutes the small six-man team had turned the tide: dead enemy littered the compound and the rest were confused and running for cover. At this point Ty signaled for the team to head for the main TOC building.

The GRS agents would fire and maneuver their way to link up with the DSS agents. It was the effort of Ty's team that enabled a lull in fire long enough for the remaining DSS in the outlying Villa to join up with the main element. It was here that Ty and the TL made the decision to send the DSS team back to the CIA compound. The DSS guys were too inexperienced to be of much help; but Ty and the GRS team were another breed: would stay a bit longer and search for the Ambassador and Sean Smith."

From Benghazi the Definitive Report by SOFREP

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