Saturday, June 2, 2012

Crye Precision Gun Clip

Crye Precision Gun Clip

First off, this is not a holster, but exactly as Crye says, a “clip.” I will refer to it as a holster for the article.

The model I have is the Glock 9mm/40S&W/.357Sig calibers Standard and Compact (17 and 19) frame sized variant.

This is the only holster I’ve found that will allow the gun to be holstered with your choice in light, suppressor or sights on them. I have used it with a Glock 19(23), 22(17) and tried it with the 27 (26) although the fit was tight and not recommended to. I’ve had a X200A, X300, X400, and AAC Evo-9 suppressor on the guns with no issues. It will not work however, with a remote switch like Surefire’s DEVGRU switch on the gun.

Presentation. This is not your normal style of presentation from 3/9 O’Clock carry. A normal presentation is hand straight down to gun, obtain “master” grip, pull straight up, rotate gun toward threat and press out. It’s hard to explain how the gun clip works, but I will try to do that. Straight down obtain master grip. Use middle finger to break snap open. Rotate back of gun out and forward snapping the gun out of the holster. Continue rolling motion up and out pressing gun towards the threat. This holster makes it easy to “bowl” the gun to the target. Stability of the item the Gun Clip is mounted to effects how well the presentation will be.

Mounting. The Gun Clip is designed for carry on MOLLE platforms, but will work somewhat on a very stiff, medium thickness pants belt. I found that the best place for the Gun Clip stability wise was on the front of a plate carrier. The back of the Clip is a two piece clamp with two prongs on each piece of the clamp. It will work in a two MOLLE sections wide with two MOLLE loops tall with a empty spot in between the two MOLLE loops.

Use. This is not a holster for 99% of what people will need a gun for. Its great for those times you need to carry a gun with a suppressor mounted on it. Other than that, Its not very practical. It is useful for carry on the upper chest area of a plate carrier for use in a vehicle though as was pointed out by “Buck” a overseas PSD operator. Basically just because its cool and says Crye on it, doesn’t mean go out and buy it.

To sum it up, if you are a CCW or competition shooter, don’t buy this for serious use. It’s a fun niche holster for those times you need a suppressor on your gun at the sacrifice of speed and space, but pretty much only for those reasons.

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