Wednesday, March 14, 2012


People have been after me to do something with some of the in depth gear reviews I have done on things. I was told to look at doing a blog and here it is. I'm not the greatest at this stuff but will give it a shot.

First off, I am very opinionated. Keep that in mind when reading my reviews.

The reviews or recommendations will be based on "my reality." My reality is a working as a LE Officer and living in a pretty rural area. I have CCW'd for about 5-6 years as well. I try to give gear recommendations to people following the famous Pat Rogers quote, "The mission drives the Gear Train."

I don't have any Military experience so I will avoid giving to much advice in that area. Some gear/training is applicable but thats up to you as the reader to decide.

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  1. BourneShooter,
    Glad to see you doing this. I will be checking in often for updates.